Claeys Candy

Order 24 or more bags and pay only $1.29 each.

Remember the big barrels of candy at the old general store? For more than 90 years and 3 generations, the Claeys family has been producing fine sugared confections the old-fashioned way. Buy Claeys Candy in bulk for only $1.29 each if you buy 24 bags. Claeys old-fashioned candy is timeless.

We also feature Gilliams hard candies which has been around for ages as well and is another favorite. Gilliam Candy Company is an American candy manufacturer established in Paducah, Kentucky by Cleve Gilliam in 1927. Gilliam's Old Fashioned candies will be around many years to come! You can also get a discount on Gilliam's regular price is $1.39 each buy in bulk of 24 or more and only pay $1.29 each.