Red Hat Lady Nesting Dolls 5PC

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Red Hat Lady Nesting Dolls 5PC

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Each Russian nesting doll or matrjoshka (matryoshka) is hand crafted, giving each nesting doll its own unique look and personality. The detailed hand painting and precise fitted parts are a testament to the talent of the Russian artists that create these wonderful works of art.

Please Note : Due to the fact that these pieces are hand crafted, some details and colors will very. Rest assured that you will receive a one of a kind creation to call your own.

A Brief History Of Russian Nesting Dolls :

Nesting dolls originated in Russia in the 1890's. The nesting aspect was inspired by a Japanese toy that was brought back to Russia. The decorative style was created developed by pioneering Russian artist S.V Malyutin. He drew inspiration from the costumes of locals, especially peasants.

Nesting dolls are usually created from birch, lime and occasionally pine. After the wood is sufficiently aged it is hand turned on a lathe by very skilled craftsman. No measurements are required as they use their skill to size pieces by eye.

Features :

  • Hand Painted
  • Creative designs
  • Hand turned wood
  • Imported from Russia
  • Each piece is one of a kind
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